Roy G Biv & the white noise are three guys that only want to see you dance. 

RGB&TWN are an organic blend of pop electronica rock disco hip hop and funk writing as a collaborative multi-instrumentalist collective. They consciously base their sound on catchy hooks, clever arrangements and unique layering. What has emerged is an eclectic sound ranging from stripped down punk rock to anthemic orchestrations.
Graham Wilson (Fustics) Vox/Bass/Guitar/Keys , Adam Smith (Gondola Riot) Synth/Keys/Drums/Sequencing, and Ben Donaldson (The Antiques/Traditionist) Vox/bass/guitar/Keys met in Wilmington, NC in 2013 and formed Roy G Biv and The White Noise.

Their high energy live shows include Corey Smith (drums/keys) and Johnny Dollar (vocals). Their new self produced/recorded 3 song EP “Heart Burn” is the first recording in their studio ILM Lab. It’s a Whitest boy Alive/ Passion Pit/Alt-J Sundae. The EP was mixed by Anthony Barro.